• September, 2016

Chantel Hunt accepts Administative Assistant position at Northwest Millwork.

Chantel Hunt has been named Administrative Assistant at Northwest Millwork. Chantel's experience in IT and social media will bring a new dimension to the 75-year old company. Welcome aboard, Chantel!

  • September, 2016

Kelley Knight to lead Accounting and Human Resources.

Northwest Millwork announced today that Kelley Knight has accepted the Accounting and Human Resources Manager position. Knight, a 25-year veteran of the Architectural Woodworking industry has an extensive background in accounting, personnel and administration and will add a steady hand to the company's administration team. Congratulations, Kelley!

  • April 2015

Northwest Millwork moves to 3D modeling engineering platform.

In a move expected to improve speed and accuracy of manufacturing, Northwest Millwork has introduced 3D modeling to its already reliable engineering process. 3D modeling will allow faster adjustment to field dimensions and improve the ability to show customers their projects in detail while still in the concept stage.

  • February 2015

Northwest Millwork expands millwork capacity.

Northwest Millwork added a new Weinig Unimat 218 molder to the millwork department. The new equipment will reduce millwork lead times and improve quality.

  • Februrary 2015

Northwest Millwork turns 70!

Northwest Millwork is beginning its 8th decade of continuous operation at the same location in Seattle. Happy Birthday!

  • January 2015

Lohrer named Millwork Division Manager